Bharat Bandh – a 6 year old’s questions

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February 21, 2013 by Parthajeet

“Dad, what is Bharat Bandh?”

A 6 year old daughter asked her father, as she was getting ready for school today; and asked and asked….


“It is a day when the entire country is shut down; it is like a strike.”

“Who shuts it down?”

“Oh every time it is different. This time it is some people who are unhappy with the people who are running our country.”

“So are people in Mumbai happy then? Why do I have to go to school today?”

“You have to go because your school is open and if you do not go you will miss your studies. If I do not go, we will not get money to buy food.”

“Then what will happen to people who do not go…how will they get money?”

“People usually keep some extra money in their bank…so they somehow manage.”


She was now walking towards the bus.

“Why are these people not able to run the country?”

The father was at his wit’s end by now and gave the ‘one size fits all’ answer “You will understand when you are big”

“I am 6 years…I am big now. Why but?”

“I think some of these people did not go to school…that’s why. Your bus is here! You need to think about your studies and not worry about these things”

“But dad, if they didn’t go to school how did they become rulers?”

“Well…..uh…ah…they did go to school I think….but didn’t continue for long. They stopped studying after some time”

The bus attendant was now yelling out.

“C’on…get in!”


As she was boarding…she repeated.

“But tell me, why did they stop going to school?”

“Because of Bharat Bandhs and some of their parents did not have money to send them to school. Bye…love you!”


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