No Opinion is a Good Opinion

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June 21, 2013 by Parthajeet

Unless you didnt know; I am telling you this: This morning Chetan Bhagat got stuck in a traffic jam. As he was running late for a program, he hopped onto a stranger’s bike and made it in time for the programme. On twitter he continued to give updates about the incident and its fallout. The stranger happened to be someone from the minority community. An entire discussion followed soon after his numerous posts about Muslim leadership in the country, the community’s fears, etc.

Do we need to have an opinion on everything under the sun? Is everything a PR opportunity? As human beings, can we not, at times, just listen? If we exercise restraint on expressing ourselves on sensitive issues, we are doing a greater service, unless we are doing something constructive to make the issue less sensitive. I have nothing against Chetan Bhagat; he is really good at what he does and I have things to learn from him. I talk in general.

Many of the things which are issues today; say for example the Hindu-Muslim issue, were non issues to mere mortals like us when we were kids. We were not relentlessly fed with an overdose of ‘breaking news’ and opinions by 24 hour television or twitter. We were not brought up to have a ‘fix’ of some form of social media every 5 minutes. Life was simple; in a way ignorance was bliss.

We had fewer voices and fewer leaders as well. Today, besides real leaders and voices, we have a lot of virtual leaders and voices, with massive followings. So, it is not only an explosion of different types of media to express oneself through, but it is also an explosion of leaders. The result is that things and people tend to ‘be on the edge’ and ready to explode or at least elicit strong responses.

Under such circumstances, it is important for intelligent people who really feel for the country, to differentiate between PR opportunities and sensitive issues. They will be doing a greater service to the nation.


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