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“Smart Phones, Dumb People is indeed a smartly written book. The issues are well analysed and it makes for quick and enjoyable reading. Well done Parthajeet !” – Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO – Wockhardt Foundation

“Smart Phones Dumb People is thought provoking yet pacy, replete with new ideas, yet very readable. It encompasses a range of issues, with creative solutions. Written in a lucid, anecdotal style, it is sure to leave the reader thinking, long after he/she has finished the book.” – Mitra Phukan, noted author of “The Collector’s Wife” and others.

“In simple language, the book provides thought provoking solutions to complicated issues; and is wake up call for many of us.” – Raja Kaushal, MD-BNP Paribas Real Estate India.

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